Nothing kills the vibe  like getting to the lake and finding out I lost my fin or paddle at the end of last year and I forgot to get a new one. Now is the perfect time to pull out your gear, pump up your boards, check your valves, and make sure you have all your accessories to be ready for that first SUP trip of the year. 

  Things to check for;

  • All your paddle pieces! Make sure your clamp is working properly and that nothing is loose
  • Your fins! Check and make sure you have your fins and that they are not cracked or missing important parts!
  • Check your valve! This one is important; make sure the spring mechanism is moving and functioning properly and that your valve is tight. (info on servicing your valve here)
  • Check your board for holes or cuts! You have time to do proper repairs at home or get your board to a qualified repair specialist in your area
  • Make sure you have your pump working properly! Check your hose for cracks or breaks. Check the handle for proper functionality and rigidity. It should not be loose! 
  • Check your bag and straps to make sure all of your straps and buckles are working properly and that you don't need a new bag. 
  • Get those little extras you thought about last summer and didn't get to! Drink holders, speakers, dry bags etc… get them now so you are ready to roll some summer! 
  • Finally, find that new spot to check out. Read blogs, watch videos and check out message boards about great places to paddle. Make a plan, get some friends and go SUP!