HSHP Portable Standup Paddle Board Pump

The all new High Society High Pressure iSUP pump! Plugs into your cars 12volt outlet for effortless inflation of your High Society iSUP. Set the pressure gauge up to 15PSI, turn it on and walk away! The pump will automatically shut off when its done. It comes with assorted attachments for pumping up your other toys too!
    • 12volt plugs into your car outlet for easy effortless inflation of you High Society SUP!
    • 10 foot cord
    • 42" hose
    • Digital pressure gauge
    • Toggle between PSI and BAR
    • Auto shut off feature
    • assorted attachments
    • instruction manual
    • 1 year limited warranty* (does not cover normal wear and tear, any kind of abuse, breakage or loss, etc. Not intended for commercial use)
    • imported

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